Arrival at Mikura Island!

The 7 hr ferry ride was uneventful and sleep filled.

Miyake Island still resembles a smoking candle after being blown out. For those of you just joining us, Miyake's active volcano erupted in 2000 displacing her 3500 residents. They are still unable to return home for more than a few hours.

But, I digress. We arrived to Mikura and were greeted by friends. Now in our third year staying at the 'Iruka House' (aka the dolphin house), our camera gear had already been shipped from the airport and waited for us inside. It felt like coming home! The morning was filled with unpacking and gathering household items (food, refrigerator, etc) and cleaning. I also had a meeting with the Principal and Vice-Principals of the Mikura school about our workshop for 11-13 June (more on that another time). I'll be visiting the school each week to learn 'nihongo' and help speak 'eigo' for the students. It is fun.

Our gear was set by the end of the day. We were visiting and greeting folks and will visit all senchoo tomorrow to request passage on their boats when available. That might be tight at times since tourism seems to have increased dramatically. We shall see.