Packing, Packing, Packing

And, cleaning of the house I rented for the 7 weeks I was here.

I successfully refit everything into my large travel case. The array is well padded and packed. My wet suit (now dry) and mask, fins and snorkel fit inside the same box. First time I have been able to get everything into one case in terms of my research gear.

The data – 20 tapes in total (10 ECD and 10 video) will be hand-carried with me, as will the data sheets and the ID sketches per dolphin. I feel like I am traveling light this year!

And, we continue to watch the weather as the ferry could not land at the pier this afternoon due to the strong current (the Kuroshio Current flows around Mikura) and the strong wind. Thus, if the weather looks like it is deteriorating over the next few days, I may leave one day early. Will keep you posted.


P.S. a summary of our field season will follow later this week.