A Day of Cleaning and Preparing Gear

Today was a slow day that saw the wind increase

Today was a slow day that I spent breaking down my array and soaking parts in fresh water then drying them. I sorted gear, clothing and data in preparation for packing.

I also visited a few folks on the island to say thank you for their help and for welcoming me again to their island home. I dropped off thank you letters to the school and said bye to the teachers till next year.

And, yes, I did a bit more video ID analyses in terms of confirming some confusing ID's with other researchers. This seems like a never-ending process, and it is. But, without knowing which dolphins we are watching, we would not be able to conduct our behavioral, acoustic and communication studies.

Tomoorrow, I pack. And, I watch the weather as there is rumor that Typhoon #9 is heading our way. When traveling to or from Mikura, one always needs to build in a two day window for travel.