In port today – with alternating muggy and breezy temps.

The boats are full with the tourists who arrived this morning.

The first sighting of this group was at 10:30 am and the guides both saw the flukes and part of the peduncle protruding from the adult female! They did not have cameras and so were relying on memory as to the identity of the adult female. It *might* be #223, but we need to see her again with the calf to be sure.

The second underwater observation of this group was about an hour later and the adult female was seen to be nudging her new calf to the surface for breaths. There were other dolphins around the pair both during delivery and after delivery.

This is a unique observation – one of the only, if not the only, observation of a wild dolphin birth! Usually, we see the calf while still wobbly with folded fluke tips and dorsal fin curved from being in utero for about a year.

Maybe I will get a boat trip tomorrow morning. If so, I hope to see our 'new' mom and calf. Till then,