Two new calves accounted for after typhoon #8!

A last minute afternoon boat trip with me and one other researcher

It was a great day with 23 minutes of video recorded. But, even better was the fact that we saw both #094 and #310 and their new calves! If you remember, these two calves were born in the last day or two of June, just before Typhoon #8 sent us really high seas. Both calves looked healthy and a bit bigger. It felt like I'd been holding my breath waiting to hear if they were okay.

We were on the water for about two hours and had 7 group sightings and 9 water entries. The visibility was good underwater and we had some good observations between Shojine and Nango. After Motone, the seas were still rough. The dolphins would have had to have been at the bow, or rather they would have had to have leaped clear of the water and waved at us for us to have seen them.

As we passed Shirataki, we saw another group and a brief underwater glimpse confirmed that this was the group from our first sighting – the one with #094 and her calf and #310 and her calf, and two adult males.

Till tomorrow,