Happy Independence Day!

It was a bright and sunny day here.

Hanabi is the Japanese word for fireworks. But, since the 4th of July is only a US holiday, there was no fireworks display tonight, except if you count the stars in our first clear night in about a week.

I spent the afternoon at the port, not watching dolphins. There were no dolphin watching trips today because the ferry did not bring any tourists. The ferry landed this morning but could not land this afternoon because of the continuing rolling swell. But, the sea was flat calm, except for the swell, and the senchoo took three boats and several nets and people out to catch takabe. Takabe is a small fish for which I have no idea of the English name. It is quite tasty.

The three boats returned to port brimming with fish. There were about 40-50 people at the pier helping to unload the fish and the nets and the boats. When fishing with these nets, the captains and other folks actually swim with it and circle to fish. Then, they pull and push the fish-ladden net back on the small boats. A crane lifts the entire boat out at the pier and we pull the nets out little by little to get the fish. All by hand. Everyone who helped gets fish.

This was my first time helping with a large catch. All the fish was put on ice and some will be sold while the rest distributed and eaten on the island. The comraderie was strong as we all worked together under the hot sun. It was nice to be near, if not on, the water again after several dry days.

Hopefully there will be space for me tomorrow.