The waiting game begins

Typhoon #8 is heading more or less towards us.

Typhoon #8 is larger and stronger than the last several storms. It is heading directly north, but is predicted to veer to our right. Still, the seas are already at ~3 meters and will only increase. It was interesting this evening to watch as the waves washed over the pier. I never cease to be amazed and respectful of the power the oceans have, the raw energy is evident to me with each wave and ripple.

Today was a slow day. A bit of reading and a bit of video analyses. I actually also conducted a preliminary summary of data so far: almost 5.5 hours of video recorded, much with dolphins in view. I've been on 13 trips and seen at least 70 individual dolphins. And, video analyses showed us two more new dolphin calves, both less than one week old based on size and behavior. The mom's are confirmed as #094 (Komuri) and #310. #310 was a sub-adult last year and the calf we have seen her with is her first! She is our second confirmed 3rd generation calf.

Since the typhoon will keep us island based till the weekend, at least, I will finish confirming IDs from the last two tapes and visit the Mikura School to help with the English class. Mostly, I am the native English-speaking voice for a short time. It is fun to participate in the class. I learn a bit more with respect to my Japanese, but it is also a good feeling to help the kids with what we consider a correct pronunciation or phrasing of s simple sentence.

Till tomorrow and the ever present weather report,