Another In-Port Day

More Okyakusan (tourists) arrived.

Today went by rather quickly. Of course, since I was in port, I reviewed a bit of video. For every hour of data gathered we have about 20 hours of analysis time. I enjoy that part of the research because it is where patterns become evident: patterns in behavior, patterns in sound, patterns in the scars, spots and other marks on a dolphin's body leafing to its reliable re-identification.

I also visited the School to participate in one of the English classes. Mr. Tanaka is the English teacher at Mikura's School. He is quite a dynamic teacher and has the students readily speaking English phrases. By listening to some of his explanations, I also learn a bit of refinement to my Japanese. But also, it's just fun to chat with the students and laugh and interact.

This evening, just after dinner, Masaki called to tell me that there would be a boat trip tomorrow afternoon on Michio's boat, the Koueki-maru. There was a space for me if I wanted it. Of course, I said 'Hai, ikitai desu!' So, I hope to have dolphin tails (so to speak) for you tomorrow.