Another sunny day with calm seas.

Another day in port to review video and wait.

With each passing year, the dolphins around Mikura have received more publicity. As such, the numbers of people (tourists) visiting Mikura to swim with the dolphins has increased. Last year, the weekends were typically full with ~120-130 guests and so the boats rarely had extra space for a researcher. No problem as the weekdays provided ample opportunity to gather data.

Not so as much this year. The weekends are still full, but now too the weekdays are becoming increasingly more crowded. So, I wait till a space is available or work with friends who have a boat and try to get out to sea when they have a day off.

Thus, today the boats were full and I remained in port. Data were reviewed and ID's processed. I have to admit that I'd rather be gathering the data while in the field than analyzing it, but I'll take what I can get. And, I am hoping there will be space on a boat tomorrow.