In Port – data analyses

Still, dolphins were observed for ~30 minutes

I spent most of the day inside despite lovely weather. I was reviewing one of the videotapes and confirming dolphin identifications. I lost track of time till late in the afternoon. So, to stretch my legs and get a bit of air, I took a walk after dinner. The sun was orange and set into the clouds above the horizon. Not spectacular but pretty.

I had walked to the park above the pier where a half dozen or so fishermen were enjoying the warm evening. The sea was still very calm, little wind. Clear as day, one dolphin leaped from the water. The group was spread between the new and the old piers (a distance of about 200 m). It seemed that the larger bodies were doing sounding dives (peduncle higher than normal when diving) and staying down longer. Maybe feeding. The smaller dolphins (and hence what I would consider younger) were chasing each other and seemingly playing.

I doubt the fishermen were happy to have the dolphins around … their catch likely stayed low. The dolphins were a welcome end to today, which was actually quite productive with several IDs confirmed.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a boat trip.