Sunny, Hot Weather

A Flat, Calm Ocean with only a slight breeze over the sea surface.

John spent the last 3 weeks with me filming the workshops and helping gather data. He left Mikura today to return to the USA and other projects. Of course, he also will be greeted well by Umi, our beagle.

This is the rainy season, but you could not tell it by today's weather, or that predicted for the rest of the week for that matter. The extended forecast is for sun … Now let's hope there is just the right amount of tourists to allow me to join the dolphin watching trips. That means data collection.

I visited the school this afternoon to arrange to visit the classes when I am not on the water observing dolphins. That is, I visit the English classes so that I can help students with the pronunciation of some words (as a native English speaker). But, I also learn and practice Japanese more.

Overall a good day.