The rainy season has begun.

We remained in port today but were busy with workshop plans.

Today we remained 'in port' and so I wanted to tell you about the workshop we have planned for the weekend. (Of course, we are also watching the weather reports closely as the 4th typhoon of the season is over Okinawa. It should only send wave action our way … but that could cause the ferry to cancel which would delay or postpone our workshop.)

Since 2001, each summer, while on Mikura, I have participated in workshops about dolphins and the ocean and nature for the children of Mikura Island. We began with animal ID and introduced the dolphins living around Mikura. We have covered behavior and sounds also. And, this summer we will discuss and learn about communication. We also have added another component — international exchange. American children will visit Mikura (from Camp Zama) and learn and share with the kids here.

So, our workshop theme is communication versus language. We may not all share the same language but we can communicate by other means. We will show similarities in communication methods across species (specifically dolphins and humans, intraspecifically).

Now, we simply have to wait and see if Mother Nature (or Father Neptune as the case may be) will allow the children to arrive and the workshop to happen. Cross your fingers for us.