Wind, Rain, Sun & an Afternoon boat trip

Sea conditions restricted our survey to the east side of Mikura only

We left port in very choppy seas. We were the only dolphin watching boat out this afternoon: 3 tourists, John and me plus the senchoo. We saw dolphins just past Subarune, about 20 min into our survey. One fin was immediately recognizable as Maekake (#033FA) because she has a big chunk out of the leading edge. She had a calf in May which was with her today. The fetal folds almost not visible.

There were five dolphins in the group: two mother/calf pairs and another sub-adult. Besides Maekake, we also saw Shakure (#065FA) with her new male calf born in late April. Shakure has a distinctive black line scar just above her right pectoral fin as well as a severe underbite.

Both calves periodically swam with the fifth dolphin (who we have yet to confirm ID or even sex) and engaged in rubbing behaviors with their moms and this 5th dolphin. Near to the end of the encounter it seems Maekake recalled her calf from playing around with a bout of whistles. The calf swam right to mom.

We gathered only about 9 minutes of video as the group seemed mildly social but mostly milling or resting. Our trip back was pleasant until we were close to the port on the north section of Mikura. If we had not swum, it still would have felt that way as we took several waves over the bow. Better than a roller coaster ride!

Till tomorrow,