Field Reports – Summer 2001

Welcome to our online field reports site. I look forward to sharing my field work and daily happenings with you. Let me acquaint you, or refresh you, with how these postings work. I will post updates about my research – data collection, preliminary analyses. I also include any unusual observations of dolphin behavior. And, I like to share a bit about my life in the field. About once a week, I will post answers to as many of the questions some of you post to the Ask Kathleen section of these reports. I leave for Japan on Friday, 4 May 2001, arriving the next day. This season is a bit different than last year because I will spend 3-4 days in Tokyo. You see, the DOLPHINS film is opening in Japan this coming weekend. I will introduce audience members to the film and answer questions viewers may have after the film. I am a bit nervous because I will give a few presentations … in Japanese. I'll keep you posted about these early dates. My research begins on 10 May 2001 when I arrive on Mikura Island. I'll post a few more updates this week. Cheers Kathleen