Saturday Morning

To Ferry or Not to Ferry

The answer today is … Not to Ferry. The wind died down early this morning (about 4 AM) but the sea was still relatively high (one meter swell with chop) and the rain and fog were still present. 'Kesa hachi-ji-han goro, ame wa yanda' = This morning at about 8:30 (AM), the rain stopped. 'ame' is rain while 'yanda' is the past tense of 'stop'. 'kesa' means this morning, 'hachi' is eight and 'ji-han' is 'half the hour'. My gear is all ready to be unpacked and assembled and I am just waiting for the weather to let me begin. Field work is limited by our ability to function well in the elements. Mother Nature has the final say in some instances. This being said, I spend my waiting time working on data – analyzing dolphin sounds or recording behaviors and activities from my videotapes. Since I do not yet have videotapes from this summer, I have been working on some dolphin sound files from late last summer. Measuring the various parameters of dolphin whistles and click trains. I should be able to travel to Mikura tomorrow morning. The ferry ride is about 45 minutes between Miyake and Mikura. Once I am set up, I’ll write again and fill you in on some daily activities. Cheers Kathleen