Life on Miyake

Catching up with Friends & Senchoo

Senchoo is the Japanese word for Captain. Most of the senchoo here fish during the late fall to early spring months and then run dolphin trips in the summer. By this I mean, the dive shops and other tour leaders charter the fishing boats to take them to the water around Mikura Island to swim with dolphins. The senchoo are amazing in how they handle their boats. (I’ll try to upload a photo of some of the Miyake boats to give you an idea … they mostly remind me of Aladdin’s shoe.)

I made friends of many of the senchoo when I lived on Miyake from 1997 to 1999. When I first arrived and I rode several different fishing boats with several different dive groups. I always asked permission to board each boat, and the senchoo always took my gear (including my 25 lb. array!) aboard. I knew I’d been 'accepted' me when I asked to go aboard one day and was told 'sure go ahead'. I was no longer a guest, I could carry my own heavy camera. J

I spent yesterday and today visiting with various senchoo and dive shop folks and friends. I wanted to say hi to friends and colleagues and let them know I was back for a time to continue my studies. Everyone greeted me with smiles and many questions where Umi was … I told them she was at Summer Camp with my parents.

It is nice to be back on Miyake and catching up with friends and colleagues.
Cheers for now.