Packing and Preparations

Saying 'Thank You.'

I still have about 10 days in Japan for this summer but that is time needed for administrative responsibilities and other chores. I will spend today cleaning my gear and packing it for travel across Japan and then across the Pacific Ocean. I will also visit the various senchoo and Kenkyukai and Kyoukai leaders to express my gratitude for their support and consideration of me while I stayed on Mikura this summer. 'Osewani narimasu' means 'thank you for taking good care of me'. I also will distribute a 3 page summary of my research efforts and other details. This will be posted later this weekend or early next week as a field report update for all of you. On Miyake, I will do the same, visiting senchoo and the gyokou (the Fishermen's cooperative) to say thanks. I will also give a presentation at the Nature Center. Following my stay on Miyake I leave for Tokyo to visit and thank my funding agency and then finally to my host University and the professors there. I will again give a presentation and share my preliminary findings with colleagues. I'll post updates about some of these visits so you can follow along. it is all part of the field work process, even though it is not exactly data collection. Cheers Kathleen P.S. I will also let you know what Miyake looks like after the steam and ash eruption … not yet allowed to the top but I hope to see photos and the like. 🙂