The calves made it!

More time on the water.

The calves were hearty and quite precocious. One even swam away from its mom for a minute or two! It was good to see that these three had survived the rough weather brought on by the typhoon's visit. The mom's identification numbers are #080, #025, and #178. Once I get the photos scanned, I will post their pictures so you can get a visual image of these dolphins. Today the dolphins were interested in a bit of play and much socializing. I also witnessed and recorded #223 (a sub-adult female nicknamed 'Cutie-chan') eating a 'gar' like fish. She was not graceful in her consumption! The dolphins had to be quite close to us because the underwater visibility was horrible, still. There was quite a lot of particulate matter suspended in the water that reduced visibility to about 2-3 meters. Thus, my video alternates between in-focus and out. Still, there are several good segments in which to observe the contact behavior among individuals, especially between the moms and their calves. I hope to get out again tomorrow morning early. I am trying to pack in as many trips on the water this week as possible. I begin wrapping things up this weekend … time sure flies when you're having fun! More tomorrow. Cheers Kathleen