Dolphins from Shore

Typhoon Preparations

Yes, you read the above correctly. There is a typhoon approaching us. It is slow moving but quite large … wind speeds at 45 m/s. And, the predicted path of Typhoon #3 is directly over Mikura and Miyake Islands. It would seem that Mother Nature is a bit perturbed! It was a tad bit frustrating today not to be on the water. It was the perfect day – the calm before the storm almost. A cloudless sky with a gentle breeze and flat sea. I was at the small park that overlooks the pier (sanbashi … sorry it was misspelled in a previous entry) and saw dolphins meandering by at 13:30. They were headed south southwest. It was nice to see them, even though it was from shore. I continue to work on video analyses and have helped 'batton down the hatches' as it were. The typhoon is predicted to arrive sometime late Friday (7/7) or on Saturday (7/8). No guests are here and now we simply wait. Hope you all have a great weekend. I am planning to work with two of the kenkyukai staff on dolphin identifications tomorrow afternoon. We hope to get quite a bit of video preliminarily analyzed. Oh yes, we have identified the third mom of the year – she is #066 'Omizu-chan'. We also believe there is a forth mom (since we saw her with a new calf) but have yet to identify her. Cheers Kathleen