Dolphins, revisited

Two sub-groups of about 10-15 dolphins

The dolphins today were silent and swimming slowly with about 1-2 minutes between surfacings. Just prior to our visit, another senchoo told us the dsolphins had been socializing and playing. Guess they were tired out. I did get some video of the one Adult female with her calf that we had not been able to identify two weeks ago. She has relatively few scars so we need to check a bit more before confirming her identity in our records. The wind was still up but the sun was shining with few clouds. It felt good to be on the water today. Our trip was in the morning (10 AM – 12:15 PM). Some times we go out in the morning and some times in the afternoons … usually the choice is weather-dependent. More data sheets to complete. No trips yet planned for Monday but I will keep you informed. Hope your holiday weekend is going well. Cheers Kathleen