A Windy Day

'takusan shiranami' … again

When I visit and spend time in another country (e.g., Bahamas or Japan), I try to learn the customs and meet the people. I have made many friends on Miyake Island, where I lived from September 1997-99. And this summer, I have made several friends on Mikura. I like to share about my research and the dolphins, but also about my family and from where I come. This morning, I stopped by the kindergarten ('hoikuen'). There were eight students ranging in age from 3 to 5 years in age. I showed them the pictures in my book, Meeting Dolphins, and explained about each in Japanese. Then, I showed them pictures that always travel with me … of my family. It was fun and I learned from them too … not just about their families but about their experiences and about Mikura from their eyes. Next week, they want me to return and bring video of dolphins. This afternoon, after watching the wind increase a bit and the sea bash itself against the pier ('shimbashi') for about 30 minutes, I continued with video analysis and dolphin identifications. A few more completed. Now, in the early evening ('yugata'), the wind is a bit less and tomorrow is predicted to be calmer weather. Let's hope so! Have a great weekend and will update you more tomorrow. Cheers Kathleen