Wind, Dolphin ID’s, and

Non-erupting volcanoes

You guessed it … the volcano did not erupt on Miyake, and we did not get on the water yesterday.

The lava seems to have traveled more towards the island to the west of Miyake, Kozu-jima. We still have many earthquakes a day, but the threat of eruption has been downgraded. Residents are returning to their homes on Miyake.

Since the wind kept a sustained 20-25 knot level with gusts to 35 knots (or so), the waves were not friendly. Thus, we stayed in port. We did not remain idle, though, and spent about 5 hours identifying individual dolphins from videotapes that both Manpu and I have taken in the last month. We were productive and identified several individuals. You can see from the accompanying photo that after video work we have data analysis, and of course field reports to write. You can only see half of Manpu in this photo …

We will see what happens for Friday … hopefully the wind will lower and we can head out to look for dolphins in the afternoon.

Cheers for now.