Earth’s Alive

Wind, rain, sea and volcano

The morning brought thick clouds and fog, rain and winds. The sea is filled with 'shiranami' – the white caps that mark a windy day on the water. Sailors would love it … those of us who swim in the sea prefer not to see the sea with white. The latest reports from last night indicate that the magma from the volcano seems to be moving mostly underground … that is, under the sea. There is just that one apparent steam eruption ('suijohibakahatsu') just off Meganeiwa, but nothing from Oyama (yet). I did learn a few more words from Kogi-san last night. 'Jishin' is earthquake. (I experienced more yesterday afternoon than in my entire life!) 'Kazan' is volcano and 'kaiteikazan' is an eruption on the sea floor. 'Hunka' is volcanic eruption … which we have not had, yet. Since we are not going to sea today to look for and observe dolphins, I will spend the day reviewing past videos. I have gathered more than 3 hours of data … enough to keep me busy for the day, at least. I'll fill you in on any more dolphin identifications. Or, if there was some other interesting behavior captured on video that I forgot to jot down earlier. Hope you all are having a great week. Cheers for now. Kathleen