An Analysis Day

More rain and boats filled with okyakusan will keep us in port today.

When the weather is bad … i.e., rain and fog but no wind, the senchoo take six okyakusan as the maximum number of passengers. Thus, we will spend our time on shore today analyzing data.

For every hour of data I gather (i.e., record), I have at least 15-20 hours of analysis time. First I need to log what is on each tape … for easy future reference. Then, I conduct the primary identifications on the animals. Luckily, there are two other researchers here who are more familiar with the scars and marks on all of the 180 or so dolphins out here. We will work together to ID individual dolphins on our tapes.

After most of the IDs are made, then I begin focal animal behavioral observations. That is still a bit away … but I'll keep you posted on all the individuals we observe/identify. I remember ID numbers better. Kogi-san remembers names better. So, we have a reference sheet with each dolphins number and name. (The ones we give them in our work.) Numbers make data entry into the computer easier. The names come from their scars.

Cheers for now.