Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day.

Did I mention this is the rainy season in Japan? 'tsuyu' means 'plum rain' because it is a good season to make 'umeboshi' which are sour plums. It is also the term for the rainy season. I fleetingly wondered today if I should begin looking for wood for an ark! (Just kidding!)

I spent time today reviewing some scientific articles for two manuscripts I am writing. I also began work on some data analysis that I brought with me … just in case I had extra time not at sea. The data I am working on are the last three tapes from my 1999 summer field season here in Japan. I am measuring the sounds produced by dolphins and captured on those tapes. These include whistles, click trains and other sounds. (You can hear a sample of these sounds elsewhere on the dolphinsfilm.com web site.)

Tomorrow bodes the same for the weather … also the weather is keeping tourists (called 'okyakusan' meaning guests) from Mikura. Thus, our first chance to go out may be 15 June. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, I plan to spend some time on the pier looking for dolphins tomorrow.

Cheers for now.