Sekapun loves the frog-camera

A long session today  mikura island fisherman IMAGE: Casting shrimp nets in the evening

This morning`s boat trip resulted in lots of great footage. Sekapun, a subadult female whom I`ve sighted regularly since 2005, was in good form today. We ran across her in the shallow waters near Shinkuzure. She spent at least 20 minutes in the vicinity, and spent much of that time swimming near me and the camera. Given the camera`s green finish, it has been nicknamed ‘little frog’, and it is clear that Sekapun loves little frog. Even though she could have chosen any number of a dozen other swimmers with cameras to hang around, Sekapun spent almost all her time with me. Wherever I went, she would follow. I tried to swim away from her to try to film other dolphins, but she stuck right by my side whistling the whole time. It was almost comical.