Rough waves and Mothzilla

Dolphins love choppy water  sunburn

I had an unexpected boat trip this morning – I had assumed that the nasty looking waves would deter the boat captains, but I had not counted on the fact that it was Saturday and a boatload (literally) of tourist had arrived on the island looking for some dolphin sightseeing action. I hitched a ride with Omouri-kun`s boat (Sirius). It is nice and sunny today, but the waves by the pier and on the west side of the island are killer. We did find a group of mothers and their calves out by Subarune – they were playing in the waves and rubbing themselves in the sand and the tosaka (seaweed). They didn`t have much time for us, and I got only a few minutes of video. I did see Y-chan and her juvenile. She had her calf last July – her first one, and I am pleased to see that she has turned out to be an excellent mother.

Last night I played a game of volleyball at the recreation center. Before the game, I found a giant moth sitting on the floor, and brought it over for people to see. I was surpised at their reaction to the moth; it was one of complete and total terror! Everyone was scared to death of the moth; the girls ran from me as if I had just produced a pit-viper for them to look at. I found out later on that people in Japan, especially girls, are afraid of moths and butterflies. I found this very strange – surely butterflies have universal appeal? Apparently not. After I put the moth outside, everyone insisted that I go wash my hands – they were also terrified of the powder from the moth`s wings. It was a surreal experience I have to say. Who knew?

Anyhow, let`s hope the weather holds and I get another trip tomorrow!