A DRT Summary

Our trip was spectacular with much learned, too.

It took me three days to recover from the jet lag – always hits me harder traveling to the east. The DRTs had a great trip and were filled with energy on Tuesday evening as we pulled into the Pine Point School parking lot to a pack of parents! Hugs and smiles were all around as we unloaded and made sure that each DRT had their proper baggage (nothing lost!).

Our program was a huge success and we experienced much and learned lots too. We hope that the Mikura Junior High School students will be visiting Pine Point and Stonington next year and that this exchange program continues on a rotating basis through the years.

We will have a summary note from all DRTs in the July Dolphin Gazette and will have some sample photos from the trip in September, after the DRTs give their presentation about their trip to the other students and parents.

Cheers for now.
Kathleen (and the DRTs)