End of season report

It has been a great season!

Hey everyone – Justin here again. This is my last report for this season. The visit from the DRTs was a lot of fun- a great way to end the season. My boat ride with the Pine Point students was my last ride of the season. The weather has been excellent these past few weeks- even though it is the rainy season, we have seen very little rain. The water has been unusually calm as well. And, despite all of my complaining over the past few weeks, the water temp for my last trip was not cold at all – a happy ending!

I ended up with 10 video tapes, 26 boat trips (3212 minutes on the water), 454 minutes of video, and 201 water entries. Not bad work for just a month in the field. I want to thank all of you for reading along with these field reports! I hope they were entertaining. And of course a big thank you to everyone on Mikura! Thank you all!

All the best,