Sunday, Sunday

An overcast day greeted us but we were ready for another day

Dan – I thought Karaoke was a nice touch of entertainment and dinner. And the Panasonic museum was awesome.

Duncan – The Panasonic Museum was amazingly hi-tech and it was fun to try some of the new technology there. The temple was amazing too because most of the trip we have been looking at Shinto Shrines and today for the first time we got a taste of Buddhism. The Karaoke was a blast! It was one of my first times doing Karaoke at a place and it was fun to sing with everyone. I have basically had a great time for the past few days.

Katie – My favorite thing today was Karaoke because we got to scream and sing loudly and sing our favorite songs.

Olivia – The Panasonic museum was really cool and awesome and tonight I had fun singing “girlfriend” with Katie.

Ty – The Panasonic Museum was a technology expert’s paradise.

Mark – I thought that the Buddhist temple was much different from the Shinto shrines with all of the shops lining the pathway to the temple. I also thought the way of purification before entry was different. I also enjoyed the Panasonic technical world of paradise.

Zach – The exhibition stuff at the Panasonic museum was incredible to look at. The Buddhist temple was a masterpiece in design and architecture.

Lydia – I though the Panasonic museum was interesting and exciting and the Temple was really beautiful. I liked all the shops along the way to the temple. Karaoke in Japan was fun!

Thomas – The Panasonic Science Museum was absolutely amazing. There were lots of concepts that I was not aware of and Karaoke was LOTS of fun. It was hard to realize that the microphone was off during the song.

Victoria – The Panasonic museum was amazing and it was so brilliantly high tech and it was amazing how much ahead Japan is than America.

Nina – It was fun finding the stamps at the Panasonic museum. Karaoke was a BLAST!

Kimo – The Panasonic museum was the most amazing museum I have ever visited. I had a lot of fun at Karaoke.

Caroline – Karaoke was awesome and VERY fun. The museum was interesting because you learned all about colors and math and shapes and stuff.