Cold water

Jellyfish attack

I had an early morning trip this today – so much for sleeping in! The water was oh so very cold today – I am way too skinny despite my all-fat diet of the last few weeks. A wet suit is simply not enough – I need a submarine! Despite the cold, today was a good research day – I saw lots and lots of dolphins! Huge numbers of them. Unfortunately, they were busy traveling somewhere, and did not stick around to check us out. Where are they going I wonder? They are single minded when traveling, and are not distracted by us at all. And yet all they seem to be doing is swimming laps around the island. There are so many mysteries left to solve concerning these dolphins…

Water visibility was poor today, so I had a hard time identifying dolphins. Nahoko, another researcher, spotted 2 neonates today, but I missed them. I was probably blinded by the cold water. I was also stung by a jellyfish or some similar sea-creature – my whole right ankle is red and swollen. But that’s not so bad – maybe a swollen ankle will provided extra protection against the cold.

Right, more soon!