Day Two in Tokyo

It was a bright, hot and sunny day!

We visited the Edo Museum (and outside of the Sumo museum), McDonald’s, Shinjuku Station (largest and busiest in the world), Tokyo Government Building, Meiji Shrine, and had Sukiyake for dinner.

Mr. Williams – I found the Meiji Shrine to be a contemplative experience, particularly the walk through the Iris Garden. I found it much more warm than the Buddhist Temple that we visited on Sunday. I did not expect the temple to be found in the midst of the commercialism of the city. (this note written Sunday evening.)

Ms. Cogan – At the Meiji Shrine I felt privileged to watch the beautiful wedding ceremony and at the same time wondered what it would be like to get married with a bunch of tourists looking on. I enjoyed the quietness of the river of irises. I enjoyed stopping at the carp pond.

Dan – Sukiyaki was a new dinner that I tried and it was interesting how we cooked our own food in a pot of boiling soy sauce and sugar. It was something I have never done before.

Duncan – The museum was interesting to see both sides of the history of Tokyo (Edo and Tokyo). When they changed to Tokyo from Edo the culture moved forward swiftly. I sort of realized what an awful thing we did in WWII to Japan. The whole history of Edo and Tokyo was interesting.

Katie – I was amazed at the types of architecture they had in the Edo museum and how beautiful they made it all look.

Olivia – The museum was really interesting and I liked to see how the older Tokyo differs with the modern Tokyo.

Ty – The Government Building was almost like Tokyo Tower giving a ~360 degree angle of the city.

Mark – It was interesting to see the different religions of Japan.

Zach – Learning about the Meiji restoration was incredible to see what they could do in 200 years. And the Iris Garden in the Meiji Garden was beautiful.

Lydia – The museum was very interesting and educational. The shrine was really cool and amazing to see all the prayers that people had written down on the wooden plaque wall.

Thomas – The Edo museum was very interesting and very fun to learn about the Japanese history because America only has 200 years but Japan goes way back.

Victoria – The Edo museum was amazingly interesting and it was great to see all of these historical points from a different point of view.

Nina – The Edo museum was really interesting and I learned a lot.

Kimo – At the Edo museum, we got to learn about a past that is not our own. I thought that was really interesting.

Caroline – At the shrine I thought it was neat to post a prayer on the wooden plaques. Many were really sad and it was pretty at the Meiji shrine. The museum was interesting.