Our First Full Day in Tokyo

We had a LONG day but it was good and everyone had fun. It was the summer solstice.

Mr. Williams – the tea ceremony has bene one of my favorite parts of this trip.

Dan – The tea ceremony was an experience like no other I have had. And, I have never seen such organized chaos at the fish market.

Duncan – The fish market was really amazing because it was organized chaos. It was really huge and surprising to find such a place in Tokyo. The tea ceremony was a little bit on the sort of strange side because I did not know the ceremonies were so formal and so quiet. It was interesting to learn a bit more about Japanese culture.

Katie – It was really fun dressing up in a kimono at the tea ceremony. I was one of the people at the fish market who wanted to save the fish.
Olivia – I ate sea urchin in the morning and various other sushi and went to the fish market and it was kind of nasty but pretty cool.

Ty – Even though it was disgusting to see so many dead fish, there were still so many types of fish I’d not seen before.

Mark – I personally thought all the fish flopping around was gross but I really enjoyed my breakfast of pasta. I enjoyed the tea that I made at the tea ceremony and thought it tasted like the one made for us.

Zach – The fish market was incredible – the most organized chaos in the world.

Lydia – The fish market was really cool with all the different sites and sounds. The tea ceremony was truly amazing and the tea was good.

Thomas – I remember one huge fish sold for 18,000 but the vendor told us about a fish that sold for 2 million dollars. And, the view from the observation deck of Tokyo Tower was amazing. But, I did not have my camera and so remember it in my mind.

Victoria – The fish market was amazing and so overwhelming.

Nina – I had really good pasta for breakfast and then visited the fish market. The fish were disgusting to me.

Kimo – The tea ceremony was amazing. When at the fish market, we kept chatting about when the hippy’s to hijack the carts and save the fishies.

Caroline – we went to the fish market, which was disgusting because of all the dead fish. Then the tea ceremony was really cool and people looked funny in the costumes.