DRT Dolphin Trip!

Three boats carried the DRT team to observe the dolphins around Mikura this afternoon.

The stars aligned for our trip around Mikura with the DRT team. The sea was flat calm and warmer than lately (MUCH warmer than what Justin has had to endure for 4 weeks). The dolphins were all around us on several entries. We saw a mother calf group and several male sub-adult groups. We were spread over three boats for our DRT trips with 4-5 DRTs per boat. Everyone did EXCELLENT in the water and got to see the dolphins often. We even had a show from a sub-adult group as they socialized near the end of our trips.

Specific DRT Comments:

Nina: the way that the dolphins communicated with us was really cool. And, the dolphins are really graceful.

Thomas: at one moment I was swimming right next to a dolphin and I could have touched it but I took a picture instead.

Victoria: it’s amazing that we can start to begin to learn about these animals.

Dan: the three-spotted dolphin, ketsushakure (#404), was extremely friendly and curious.

Lydia: it was really amazing how the dolphins swam right up to you and checked you out and then swam off and were not really bothered.

Kimo: I was really surprised when they started jumping out of the water.

Mark: I was awe-struck by the way the dolphins and sea turtles interacted and swam together with each other.

Caroline: they were all really beautiful and the noises they made under water were really cool.
Olivia: I felt comfortable and happy with the dolphins swimming next to me.

Duncan: The dolphins were very friendly and active and it was cool because we seemed to have a connection and learn about them for the day.

Zach: they seemed to regard us with as much interest as the rocks on the bottom – the dolphins just swam by us.

Katie: it was amazing that we had this opportunity to get so close with and interact with dolphins.

Ty: it’s a once in a life-time opportunity to see dolphins in their natural habitat acting as they do.

The DRT team