DRTs are safe on Mikura

Safe and sound – a visit to the Mikura school

This is a message for Pine Point parents. Everyone has arrived safe and sound here on Mikura. The ferry ride went well, and everyone looked pretty chipper. The students had breakfast and a shower and then headed up to the school to meet with the local students and teachers. So far so good! More soon!


We spent the day at the Mikura school which is HUGE, GIGANTIC. It is six floors with a beautiful gym and fly loft and a big pool. The kids were fun to get to know. The lunch was delicious and they have a lunchroom that holds 50 kids for a meal. We played basketball and the whispering game (aka telephone).
It was a long, long day with arriving the morning on the ferry but it was fun. We also got to learn how to do Japanese calligraphy and had a presentation from the students about their music and other traditional games.
Tomorrow we will go see dolphins.
So far, this trip is great.
The DRT team