Peanut butter – no jelly please

Great conditions – sleepy dolphins

I had two glorious boat trips today. The weather was fantastic – probably the best day I have had so far. We saw plenty of dolphins, but they were rather sleepy so there was not much action. Kitte did ride the bow of our boat together with Smile – but that was about all the activity we saw today. The water is still infested with jellyfish. On the west side of the island we ran across a jellyfish-like floaty thing that looked an awful lot like a Portuguese man-o’-war. This kind of jellyfish (a siphonophora to be more accurate) is super-duper dangerous and can cause quite a bit of pain with its venom. We were not entirely sure what it was (it might have been an innocent look alike), but nobody got in the water after we spotted it – just in case. In any event, nobody was stung today so it was probably a false alarm.

Kathleen and the Pine Point students and teachers will be arriving in two days. They will stay on the island for a few days, learning about the local school, the dolphins, and the island ecology. It should be lots of fun! A note to the students’ parents – I will post a report as soon as I hear that everyone has landed at Tokyo. More soon!