Radioactive plankton of doom!

It’s warm in the water….

too warm maybe….  red tide plankton bloom mikura It was calm again today – it has been almost one full week of pleasant weather and nice conditions. I had a morning boat trip – we saw plenty of dolphins, but the visibility was super crazy bad. The reason for this soon became obvious – a giant red phytoplankton bloom has made its way to the west side of the island. The water is littered with chunks of plankton and seaweed and lord knows what else. It makes it tough to see the dolphins under water – frankly, it makes it tough to see my fins underwater. On the plus side, the red water is nice and warm! It was not hot-spring warm, but not exactly cold either. Kind of an indescribable pleasant type of warm with just a hint of chill. It was perhaps a bit like chicken noodle soup that has simmered for 3 minutes on the stove but was then left to cool-off while the cook watched an episode of The Simpsons before answering a phone call from his mom who wanted to know if he was going to wear his red striped tie to his cousin’s wedding or if he needed her to pick him up a solid color tie because she was going to the mall on Friday anyway and she could easily pick him up a tie and maybe a pair of black socks because his uncle Alfonso would have a heart attack if he noticed that he was wearing white socks with black shoes because that whole concept died out soon after the Beatles made their first visit to the US in 1964. Uh. I guess you could say the water was luke-warm.