Jet engine dolphins

Neonates and loud adults  dolphin calf

Today’s afternoon trip was very pleasant – the weather was fairly nice, and the water was calm. #060 (Kanzashinko) stopped by for a visit with her neoante. (pictured above) She brought her neonate close to the camera on several occasions, and oddly enough, the neonate was not too bothered by all the fuss. Perhaps she has inherited her mother’s fearless nature.

In another entry, we came across some dolphins engaged in some strange social behavior. One of the juveniles was extremely agitated, and swam around us very fast, whistling like a madman and blowing bubble streams. At one point, an adult male decided he had had enough, and kicked his flukes a few times, zipping off into the distance. I have never seen a dolphin move that fast before. And his powerful tail strokes made a surprisingly loud sound – like a jet engine – as he zoomed away. I’ve never heard anything like it before. I thought I was being run over by the boat. Dolphins are full of surprises!