Bit off more than she could chew

Dolphins are silly

 dolphin with big fish I had a nice boat trip today – nice conditions, not too cold (finally). We ran across quite a few groups. In one rather amusing scene, #161 (Koshakure) – the one with the huge underbite – swam by me with an ENORMOUS fish in her mouth. It must have been 1 meter long or more. I am not sure what she was planning to do with it – there is no way she could swallow it without first tearing off chunks. Perhaps she was trying to keep it away from other dolphins until she could find some alone time to start munching on it.   dolphin with big fishEither way, it looked seriously comical – the dolphin equivalent of wearing giant clown shoes. I actually laughed as she swam by.  Later on, I had a long swim session with Danberu – a young dolphin who was curious about the camera. I tried a new technique for keeping his interest. Instead of swimming circles around him, I kind of swam away from him – in the general direction I thought he was heading. This made him even more curious of me. Instead of circle swimmming me and then bolting off, he just hung in the water next to me for like 10 minutes as we slowly swam together. I swear I could hear him thinking ‘Hey, are you going that way too? That’s cool bro. We can swim together for a while…’

I am not sure dolphins would choose to say the word ‘bro’, but I was getting that kind of vibe from Danberu. He’s a hip dolphin, so I could imagine he would want to use that kind of lingo…