It was Friday!

The dolphins were quietly social – not much activity at the surface but some interactions underwater. We brought our gear to the session because we had a quick breakfast then went on the snorkel boat at 8:30 AM. (Activity starts early on Roatan!) We went to “Mandy’s Eel Garden” which is affectionately called the Aquarium. It felt like we were snorkeling in an aquarium among the fishes. Our afternoon included a talk on training and operant conditioning by Teri and a review of the morning’s video and a practice session doing dolphin IDs!

Amalia – Best snorkeling trip so far!

Anna – I really enjoyed snorkeling at eel’s cove in west end.

Daniel – The sun burned my back today.

Giulia – It was great being on the snorkel boat today.

Liz – I met a whole bunch of tiny squid when I was snorkeling and we’re all friends now.

Katariina – Today I saw a magnificent frigate bird flying above the dolphins. Then, tonight at dinner I saw Kristin, who sort of looked like a bird.

Marriah – I think I’m getting better at dolphin IDs.

Poppy – It was interesting to see the similarities between training the dolphins and training dogs.

Shereen – Today I saw a long fish.

Richard – Today, we went snorkeling. I saw small blue fish and big grey fish.

Kristin – Liz led me to a line of 6 of the cutest little squids. And Poppy and I saw an enormous moray eel! Liz also led me to trumpet fish and a French angel fish.

Manon – Great visibility on the snorkel today. Saw two white-spotted file fish – pretty cool!

Tomorrow, we get a day off from data collection and lectures. It’ll be nice to have a bit of a brain break!

Until then,


The York U team