Inka (#93): is the female offspring of Juliette (#12). Inka was first seen with her mother in 2009 and was added to the DCP photo-ID catalog right away. Normally, calves are not in our catalog because they all look alike, not yet having developed their first spots. But, Inka’s distinctive right pectoral fin meant we would always tell her apart from the other youngsters! Unfortunately, Inka suffered an injury to her fin, possibly even before her first birthday. Thankfully, she recovered well and we have enjoyed watching her grow over the years. In 2011, Inka was seen independent from mom, Juliette, sometimes in the company of Addie (#84), Milo (#96) and other young dolphins. Of course, we look forward to many more years of observing Inka; perhaps next year she’ll have her first spots!

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Inka was named in 2011 by Luke and Jo Creswell, for their daughter, Inka  Friend Inka on Facebook (she has her very own page) and get the latest sighting updates. DCP researchers will keep you up to date on Inka’s antics, and you can interact with other Inka fans and adoptive parents.