Improving Underwater Visibility

I actually could see the dolphins underwater this morning when they played with each other … and when they tried to entice me to play, as you can see with Ronnie here. He pulled a piece of sargasso seaweed from the fence line and tried to get me to take it and play a game of fetch with it! But … I was observing and being as non-invasive as possible. This meant I could not play a game of seaweed with Ronnie.

Gracie and Trixie (Pictured here) also swam a few circles around me.

And several other dolphins were rambunctious and playful this morning. Maybe they delighted in the clearer water too!? After a 34+ minutes session, we all had breakfast and several of our group did their last 2 morning dives of the trip. Then, it was all about rinsing and dying gear. I packed up the MVA and placed it into storage. A part of our group had their dolphin encounter and swim and they too met Bailey! She was a day older today, but then so was Ike!

We did another reading training session with Bailey and all enjoyed a lovely dinner. The video review tonight went well and everyone was able to see the playful exchanges that I recorded this morning. It was a great day!

We all head home tomorrow … I’ll do a wrap up note after I get home to update you all with the amount of data collected. Until then,


Kathleen and DCP’s October 2022 Ecotour Group