Happy Birthday to Ike and Bailey!

Our visibility increased for a good 30-minute session this morning. Bailey was one of the first dolphins we saw, and she turned 17 today! We all told her Happy Birthday. There was much splashing at the surface, especially from Tank, Lenca, and Ronnie. They were involved in a socio-sexual exchange. These three males also showed huge interest in my fins … you can see them here in tight proximity to each other.

The day was filled with dives, yummy meals, and many laughs.

Today was also Ike’s birthday! Steven, from AKR, delighted us with a delicious Banana Flambé – complete with the flame! It was very tasty!

Tomorrow is our last morning of data collection and observations. Here’s hoping for continued improvement to our underwater visibility!


Kathleen and DCP’s October 2022 Ecotour Group