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Give a name to #094 – SOLD!

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ID#094 is the female offspring of White Blotch (#29). ID#094, affectionately called, “Little Dot,” has the distinction of being the wild Bimini dolphin whose birthday is almost known. We observed her mother pregnant in July 2004. Less than 3 weeks later, we saw #094! Of course, we could not add #094 to our photo-ID catalog until she developed her first spots. Thankfully, she has stayed close with her mother for quite some time – they were still observed together in the summer of 2010, even though #094 was six years old! As with all of the Bimini dolphins, we look forward to #094’s continued spot development – and one day the birth of her own calf!

Now that you know a bit more about #094, what name do you think suits her best? The cost to give a name to #094 – a rare and unique opportunity – is $750. If you’ve got a name in mind, you can purchase your name-a-dolphin kit today! After you make your purchase (using PayPal) we will contact you for more information about the name you’ve chosen.

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What you will receive in your Name-A-Dolphin kit

  • personal welcome letter

  • a certificate of naming

  • a photo of your named dolphin suitable for framing

  • a photo collage of your named dolphin

  • a biography of your named dolphin

  • a DVD with unique footage of the dolphin you have name

  • a dolphin DVD with footage of the Bimini dolphin group

  • a personalized adoption t-shirt showcasing an image of your named dolphin

  • Atlantic spotted dolphins fact sheet

  • information about DCP and our research around Bimini

  • Dolphins: The Lighter Side DVD

  • A copy of the book Dolphin Mysteries, signed by Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski

  • Dolphin Communication Project note cards and/or postcards (packet of 10)

  • 10% discount on DCP eco-tour (valid for 2 years)

  • an electronic subscription to the Dolphin Gazette, DCP’s quarterly newsletter