Podcat FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck is a Podcast?

Podcasts are audio and video files that you can download to your computer and listen to whenever you want. The name ‘podcast’ is a bit misleading – you do not need an iPod to listen to a podcast; anyone with a computer and an internet connection can download podcasts. Podcasts often sound a lot like a traditional radio broadcasts, but style and content vary depending on the subject matter. For instance; NPR offers podcasts of their popular radio programs, MIT provides podcasts of lectures for undergraduate classes. There are lighthearted podcasts dedicated exclusively to Harry Potter, as well as a plethora of amateur podcasts about, well, nothing at all.

How do I listen to The Dolphin Pod?

You can download episodes of The Dolphin Pod directly from our main webpage, where you can also listen to episodes using our built in flash player. To have episodes downloaded automatically to your computer, you need to subscribe to The Dolphin Pod feed. To do this, you will need a software program that knows how to look for and download podcasts from the internet – these are called ‘podcatchers’ or ‘aggregators’, and are usually free. The most popular podcatcher is iTunes, which you can download for free for both Mac and PC. Other popular software includes Juice, and Yahoo Podcasts. Once you have installed one of these podcatchers, you need to enter in the subscription feed for The Dolphin Pod, which is:


If you already have iTunes installed on your machine, you can subscribe automatically by clicking here or by clicking on this image:

To manually subscribe to The Dolphin Pod with iTunes, do the following: open iTunes, click on advanced from the menu option at the top of your player and select ‘Subscribe to Podcast’, in the window that appears type or paste the following address: http://www.dolphincommunicationproject.org/thedolphinpod.xml

*NOTE: You will often see a little button like this , but if you simply click on it, meaningless XML script will appear in your browser. If you find one of these buttons for a podcast you want to subscribe to, you need to copy the link location shortcut that it is associated with (right click for PC) into your podcatcher in order to subscribe.

Does it cost anything to subscribe?

Not at all! The Dolphin Pod, like almost all podcasts, is free!

Who is the host for The Dolphin Pod?

Your host for The Dolphin Pod is Justin Gregg – a research associate with The Dolphin Communication Project. For more info, visit Justin’s bio page at the Dolphin Communication Project website.

How can I suggest a topic for a show?

If you have a topic that you would like to hear us discuss on The Dolphin Pod, please contact us with your suggestion!

What is the Dolphin Communication Project?

The Dolphin Communication Project is a private, non-profit research foundation organized to further the following goals: 1) To promote awareness of marine mammal conservation, 2) To increase knowledge of communication behaviors between and among all dolphin species. The Dolphin Communication Project works toward advancing these goals by organizing/conducting underwater research expeditions/studies in dolphin communication, encouraging cetacean intern experiences, and fostering collaborative endeavors with scientific and educational programs.

The Dolphin Communication Project (DCP) looks at how dolphins communicate and attempts to shed more light on the meaning of their interactions. With research ongoing since 1991, our questions focus primarily on communication among dolphins. As a team, DCP research scientists study four groups of dolphins in three countries: Japan, Honduras, and The Bahamas. In Japan, we study Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins around Mikura Island. In Honduras, we study common bottlenose dolphins at the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS). In The Bahamas, we are studying dolphins at two sites: around Bimini Island, we are focusing on wild Atlantic spotted dolphins and bottlenose dolphins; and at Dolphin Encounters in Nassau, we focus on bottlenose dolphins in human care. To learn more about DCP, please visit us on the web at www.dolphincommunicationproject.org

I have a questions about dolphins; how do they….

For more information on dolphins in general, look under the About Dolphins link.

If you would like us to do a whole show about your dolphin question, please contact us with your suggestion for a show!

Can I sponsor The Dolphin Pod?

We are always on the lookout for potential sponsors. If you are interested in supporting The Dolphin Pod through a sponsorship/advertisement partnership, please contact us for more information.

You haven’t answered my question….

Hmm, you had better contact us with your question…