Nemo Vocalization

The Dolphin Communication Project studies a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins living near the island of Bimini in The Bahamas. Using a special video camera equipped with underwater microphones (i.e., hydrophones), we are able to record their behavior as well as the myriad of sounds they produce. Our equipment makes it possible for us to determine which dolphin is producing which vocalization. This is how we know for sure that the below audio file is a whistle produced by Nemo! As a proud adoptive parent of Nemo, you can now download a recording of his whistle to your computer, mp3 player or cellular phone. Nemo and the other Bimini dolphins use whistles primarily to communicate with each other under water – a very useful way to stay in touch at night when the ocean is dark, or when diving into deeper waters. Click on the below links to download the files: to download on a PC/Windows, right-click and “save target as..” or “save link as…”. On a Mac, ctrl-click and “Download Linked File”

If you have any trouble downloading or opening the audio files(s), please contact DCP.


Download as .mp3 | .wav

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Here is a spectrograph image of Nemo’s whistle: