Wallingford Middle Schools

From 2009 – 2011, DCP offered our DRT program to the junior high school students of Wallingford, Connecticut, in a class held once a week during the spring semester. Classes were late afternoon or evenings at one of the middle schools in Wallingford. Each session typically had 12 students who eagerly and enthusiastically participated in DCP’s DRT program.

Our 2010 DRT program in Wallingford was equally as successful as the 2009 class and several students participated in the week-long travel program to our Bimini field site. That is, each DRT semester program has an optional week visit to the DCP field site featured during the class.

The syllabus for DCP’s DRT classes is attached below as a download PDF file. This is an example of the type of semester program offered by DCP educators/researchers. A sample application is also listed as a PDF download. The application must be completed by DRT student participant.


Download the 2011 Application Form

Download the 2011 Class Syllabus