Mighty Sea BeagleUmi4

UmiUmi, the Mighty Sea Beagle, never sets paw on a boat without her trusty yellow life jacket. She was born in Osaka, Japan, to a litter including five brothers. She came to live with Kathleen on Miyake Island at the age of 7 weeks and soon made herself right at home.

Umi easily makes friends and is trilingual, or maybe quadra-lingual … She understands Japanese, English and the canine bark code in both the U.S. and Japan.

Umi often believes she is “Queen of the Manor” and has been known to write nose kanji on the closest window. Her kanji is most always derogatory against Kathleen and John.


Umi’s Haiku examples

My leash is too short.

The end is always too near.

That’s where smells begin.

They say “no biting”.

All the world is for biting.

My one vast chew toy.


Here she comes with it.

No! My nails are not too long.

Instrument of doom.

I can’t breathe! Too tight!

Yellow, black, All over me.

I still will NOT swim!

Umi is a world traveler and move to the USA with Kathleen in 1999.  She  lived in California for a few years and now lives in the “wilds” of southeastern Connecticut with Kathleen and John.

On 8 June 2011, Umi died after a sudden and very short illness. She is very much missed by Kathleen and John but her personality was strong and she ever present in their memories.