Friday the 13th! Happy B-day Bailey!

Happy Birthday to Bailey, an adult female dolphin at RIMS!

Though the underwater visibility was less than yesterday, today was a good day! We had a good data collection session … with some very playful dolphins. I would have been okay with Tank, Stan, Rocky, and Buzz NOT paying so much attention to my fins, but I guess that was not to be! All in all, a good 56th session for the year!

Some of our participants made the most of their last morning dives and others, including me, rode the snorkel boat to West Bay and saw a peacock flounder, a sea turtle, a barracuda and several tropical fish. Stephanie was able to get her dolphin encounter and swim in while others enjoyed the pool and kayaks. Definitely a good Friday!

Today wrapped up our October ecotour with everyone traveling home tomorrow. We shared a lovely last supper and then watched the video from the morning.

We had a great week!


Kathleen & DCP’s 2023 Ecotour Team (Bill, Dick, Don, Irma, John, Kate, Linnea, Louise, Shannon, Scott, Stephanie)