First Time for Everything!

This morning was our first dolphin observation session after which we had our first breakfast at AKR.We learned to walk around the lagoon area and gauge the dock flexibility.

Then we learned about identifying the RIMS dolphins – trying to ID the dolphins for the first time in the video was a challenge. We had our first snorkel ever at Bailey’s Key and for some of us this was our first ever ocean snorkel! Indeed, this trip is the first international travel for a few of us (what a way to start!). We saw our first parrotfish, sea stars, tang, butterfly fish and more. After our snorkel, we went to the pool and got to try out the MVA – a first for all of us! You can see the group shot of us taken with the MVA GoPro here.

Here are our first full day impressions:

Gill – I saw a snake in the ocean snorkeling today and I don’t know how I feel about it.

Claire – Formal apologies to anyone I accidentally kicked during snorkeling today.

Sarah – my favorite things I saw today were dolphins, a sea cucumber, and a lizardfish.

Brooklyn – I really liked learning about the Roatan marine park and the work they are doing with the lionfish. They are paying divers to hunt lionfish and leave them for the groupers to consume.

Laura M. – in no way did exhaustion stop everyone from having a productive learning day. Bring on day 3!

Michael – dolphin identification is difficult. Props to those who do it every day. Damsel fish rule!

Ava – even though I forgot I could breathe through my snorkel, I had a great time seeing the fish.

Laura P. – I saw a parrotfish and a bunch of starfish while snorkeling today.

Emily – Still a lot of dolphins to learn but now I am a fish expert.

Sam – Butterfly fish are amazing. And salt does not belong on pineapple.

John – Early day, late night but the snorkeling and dolphins made it worth it.

Kayla – Lost a piercing but saw three agouti, so it evens out.

Corey – Came for the dolphins but delighted by all the different birds.

Justin – It was delightful to see the dolphins again.

Manon – Justin and I got to see a very, very cool box crab at the end of the snorkel.

Tomorrow takes us to Maya Key after the data collection session.

Until then,

Kathleen, Manon, Justin, Laura, and the URI team